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Renewal and Fresh Hope (April 2020)

Dear Friends

We have reached the final days of Lent – the journey which follows the events of Holy Week culminating in the joyful celebration of Easter.

This Lent we have had much to reflect on – many worldwide problems to challenge our faith – the wild fires of Australia, the storms and floods which have brought suffering for so many, with the ever present threat of the long term effects of climate change, and the fear of a global epidemic.

Much to reflect upon and much to pray about as we follow the story of the journey to Jerusalem for Jesus and his disciples.

In recent weeks there has been an exhibition in Somerset House called ‘24/7’ – focussing on the passage of time. The exhibition leads the visitor down a passage into deepening darkness – and then the night is over and one emerges into sunlight and the dawn chorus.

The Maundy Thursday service of Tenebrae follows the gospel story of the last days of Holy Week. There is gathering darkness as the candles are extinguished and (after a moment of total darkness) the Easter candle is brought in– light has returned to the world leading us to the joy and promise of Easter morning.

After the joy of Easter the disciples journeyed on – armed with faith in the risen Jesus and soon to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, they turned the world upside down.

Now two millennia later, we are like them, still on that long journey of faith and witness - and the risen Lord, as he promised is with us as we travel. Let us pray that this Easter will be a time of renewal and fresh hope for us all as we continue on our journey of faith.

Lord, as you enter Jerusalem for your passion, rouse us from our apathy, deliver us from cosiness, rescue us from complacency and as we make this pilgrimage with you this Holy Week, teach us the lessons of the cross. Draw us close to you, who out of love laid down your life for us, that we may love you with all our hearts and so loving you may learn to serve you as children of your kingdom

Patricia Cemlyn-Jones