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Lucky thirteen? (November 2018)

The last time I addressed you through the Newsletter was in August 2003, as we were preparing to welcome Tracey at Trinity-Henleaze Church.

Her Induction Service was on 13th September – just 13 months after the Union of the two churches on August 13th, 2002.

Perhaps ‘13’ is our lucky number!

We have travelled a long way together since then and have seen many changes in our church and church life. Now we are again facing what might be quite a long interregnum, and we have each of us been asked to do all we can to keep things running smoothly and to ensure that church goes on as normal. I want to repeat words that I said at Christmas 2002 to our fairly new joint church and quoted in the Quiet Room one recent Friday:

“One day we shall be offered a new minister. When that day comes we want to be able to say, ‘Here we are, a thriving church; we have looked after our buildings; we have looked after our people; we have looked after our neighbours and we are ready to move forward into the future. We are the people of God’”.

We can do this. Chris has a big job ahead of her, but with our help it can become easier to cope with, a joy to do and rewarding for us all.

Elsewhere in this Newsletter you will see my request for help on Sunday mornings. Please think about it and volunteer if you can. Those already doing these jobs and other routine work about the church would appreciate a little help. It all helps to make members and visitors feel welcome.

Yours in thanksgiving and hope,

Joan Gunn.