Junior Church

We have a lively Junior Church and all are welcome. Normally the youngsters come into the church service at 10:30 am then go out to their groups after the second hymn.

In the summer we run all groups together and have a different theme.

Picture of two children at work at Junior Church.

April 2017 - God of Victory

This month we look at the life and death of Jesus at this Easter time and his power to heal.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 2nd April. Spitting image We discover that Jesus does amazing things - when he heals those who are ill. Mark 7 verses 31 to 37.
Sunday 9th April. What an entrance!. God rescues us in unexpected ways - when Jesus rode into Jerusalem it was on a donkey. Matthew 21 verses 1 to 17.
Sunday 16th April. What a comeback!. Jesus rescues us by overcoming death. This is Easter Sunday and the children will stay in church. Matthew 28 verses 1 to 10.
Sunday 23rd April. Back trouble. Jesus heals even when other people don't like it. We look at the story of the woman who was crippled for 18 years. Luke 13 verses 10 to 17.
Sunday 30th April. One out of ten. We should be thankful that God heals people through his son, Jesus. Luke 17 verses 11 to 19.

May 2017 - God’s call and promise

This month we follow Abram’s roller-coaster journey in being called by God and the promises made to him.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 7th May. The promise We see that God makes promises for all time - and we look at his promise to Abram. Genesis 12 verses 1 to 9.
Sunday 14th May. Deal or no deal? God gives us choices and we learn about God from the decisions Abram made. Genesis 13.
Sunday 21st May. The substitute. God keeps his promises even when we don’t trust him - we see this from the story of Abram. Genesis 16.
Sunday 28th May. New names. Abram gets a new name as a sign that God has remained faithful to him. Genesis 17.

June 2017 - Ready for action?

This month we explore how God equips people to serve him.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 4th June. Routine surprises We begin the month by looking at how God equipped Jesus for his future work. Luke 2 verses 39 to 52.
Sunday 11th June. Earmarked. God equips his people through the Holy Spirit - we learn how Jesus was baptised. Matthew 3.
Sunday 18th June. Be prepared God also equips his people through his word. Jesus studied the word of God and went into the desert to fast. Matthew 4 verses 1 to 11.
Sunday 25th June. Have you heard? We explore how God equips his people through the testimony of others. Matthew 11 verses 1 to 19

Below is a photo of some of the children with the flower arrangements they produced during the summer as part of the theme last year of ‘Creation’ and Caring for the Earth.

Picture of four children holding their flower arrangements in Junior Church. Picture of the poster created about the animals.