Junior Church

We have a lively Junior Church and all are welcome. Normally the youngsters come into the church service at 10:30 am then go out to their groups after the second hymn.

In the summer we run all groups together and have a different theme.

Picture of two children at work at Junior Church.

February/March 2018 - Jacob

We look at the story of Jacob and learn more about the nature of God and how promises are kept.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 25th February. Jacob's ladder. Be encouraged. God is always with us. Genesis 28 verses 10 to 22.
Sunday 4th March. Chat-show Jacob Jacob's life is full of difficulties. Genesis 29 to Genesis 31.
Sunday 11th March. Brothers re-united. Jacob is reunited with his brother Esau but time had healed the wounds. Genesis 32 and Genesis 33.
Sunday 18th March. Jacob's timeout. Jacob spends time with God and took timeout. We learn how important that is to do. Genesis 35 verses 1 to 15.
Sunday 25th March. Forgiven and forgotten. Jesus tells us to forgive others and we will be forgiven. Joseph forgives his brothers. Genesis 45 verses 1 to 15.

April 2018 - Jesus: The Compassionate King.

This month we look at some key stories and sayings of Jesus and see his love and compassion.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 1st April. Easter Sunday The Junior Church will be thinking about the meaning of Easter and will return to Church for Communion.
Sunday 8th April. The Miracle maker. We learn how Jesus turned water into wine and see that he was a miracle maker. John 2 verses 1 to 11.
Sunday 15th April. The bread of life. We discover that Jesus offers us eternal life. Jesus said how basic bread is esential for life but he offers the bread which keeps us alive spiritually. John 6 verses 1 to 15 and 22 to 48.
Sunday 22rd April. The good Shepherd. Jesus says that he is the good shepherd and will look after his flock. John 10 verses 1 to 15.
Sunday 29th April. The crying saviour. Jesus was human as well as divine. We learn how he cried about his friend Lazarus who he also brought back to life. John 11 verses 1 to 44.

May 2018 - Let's do Church.

This month we look at the early Church and how the Holy spirit is at work.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 6th May. Up and Out. It is 40 days since Jesus' resurrection and he promises his disciples the Holdy Spirit before he is taken up to heaven. Acts 1.
Sunday 13th May. I've got the power. We praise God that his spirit works in the Church today. We read about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Acts 2.
Sunday 20th May. Doctor, doctor. What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit? The holy spirit works through Peter and John to bring healing. Acts 3.
Sunday 27th May. Talk to the Hand. We see that if we follow Jesus we can live with confidence. In the reading this week, the early Church faces opposition but it grows. Acts 4.

June 2018 - Becoming the people of God.

This month we explore how the Israelites became God's nation.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 3rd June. Be big. God encourages Joshua as the Israelites prepare to enter the promised land. Joshua 1.
Sunday 10th June. Help for the spies. Joshua makes careful plans as he sends the spies to look at the situation. But God has already prepared the ground and the people of Jericho are terrified. Joshua 2.
Sunday 17th June. Making a mark. We see how just like Joshua we need to have faith and trust in God as he is with us in our challenges. Joshua 3 verses 1 to Joshua 4 verse 9.
Sunday 24th June. The bigger they are... God gives victory over Jericho. If we have faith then God will support us and amazing things can happen. Joshua 6 verses 1 to 20

Below is a photo of some of the children with the flower arrangements they produced during the summer as part of the theme last year of ‘Creation’ and Caring for the Earth.

Picture of four children holding their flower arrangements in Junior Church. Picture of the poster created about the animals.