Junior Church

We have a lively Junior Church and all are welcome. Normally the youngsters come into the church service at 10:30 am then go out to their groups after the second hymn.

In the summer we run all groups together and have a different theme.

Picture of two children at work at Junior Church.

February 2018 - Faithful

We see how God is faithful in different ways and times.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 4th February. At long last! We discover that God is faithful to his promises to Abraham. Genesis 18 verses 1 to 15.
Sunday 11th February. Matchmaking. God promised to make a nation out of Abraham's descendants but Isaac didn't have a wife! Genesis 24.
Sunday 18th February. Family rivalries God is faithful through imperfect people. Jacob and Esau are rivals. Genesis 25 verses 19 to 34 and 27 verses 1 to 45.

February/March 2018 - Jacob

We look at the story of Jacob and learn more about the nature of God and how promises are kept.

Date Title Story Bible Verses
Sunday 25th February. Jacob's ladder. Be encouraged. God is always with us. Genesis 28 verses 10 to 22.
Sunday 4th March. Chat-show Jacob Jacob's life is full of difficulties. Genesis 29 to Genesis 31.
Sunday 11th March. Brothers re-united. Jacob is reunited with his brother Esau but time had healed the wounds. Genesis 32 and Genesis 33.
Sunday 18th March. Jacob's timeout. Jacob spends time with God and took timeout. We learn how important that is to do. Genesis 35 verses 1 to 15.
Sunday 25th March. Forgiven and forgotten. Jesus tells us to forgive others and we will be forgiven. Joseph forgives his brothers. Genesis 45 verses 1 to 15.

Below is a photo of some of the children with the flower arrangements they produced during the summer as part of the theme last year of ‘Creation’ and Caring for the Earth.

Picture of four children holding their flower arrangements in Junior Church. Picture of the poster created about the animals.