Caribbean evening - a success!

Dancing at the Carribbean Evening
Lots of positive feedback from people about the evening of 13 November - uplifting music, very tasty food, thought provoking information about the Caribbean and beautiful photographs.

The band really enjoyed themselves and the food and we shall be contributing £100 to The Castle School Fund.

The amount going to Jamaica for Pleasant Valley Outreach will be quite substantial….we will need to claim the gift aid, which will add about 25%...but without gift aid, it looks like £585, having taken all our costs out… so I think we can safely say £700. Still got to e mail the minister out there to work out just how we get this to them. Our link with this United Church should be developed this coming summer, when Naggie Stirling the minister, visits Bristol (he hopes to do this on his way or return from Northern Ireland, where they link with a Presbyterian church)… so we should hear from him first-hand just how the Project is progressing.